At the Earth’s northern hemisphere

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At the Earth’s northern hemisphere , Christmas often described as a cold and snowy day . How about Christmas on Mars ? Mars could also be snowing like Earth ?

Paul Hayne , researchers Jet Propulsion Laboratory , Aviation and Space Agency of the United States ( NASA ) and the author of a publication in the journal Icarus snow says , ” Yes , there will be a white Christmas snow in the south pole Mars. ”

However, do not imagine snow on Mars with snow on Earth , good formation or composition.

Atmosphere of Mars is very dry and is made up of 95 percent carbon dioxide . When the Earth snow cemented over the water, then the snow will fall in place on Mars carbon dioxide compacts , often referred to as dry ice .

” When the temperature drops to below freezing point of CO2 ( -128 degrees Celsius on Mars ) , especially in the winter at the pole , CO2 condense to form ice , ” said Takeshi Kuroda from Tohoku University .

Kuroda, who does research say about the clouds on Mars , the mass change in atmospheric CO2 freezing Mars. Based on measurements by the Viking vehicle , the process variation impact on the Mars surface pressure by 25 percent .

Processes on Mars is equivalent to the dominant process in the Earth’s nitrogen , and other gases freezes and falls as rain .

The difference , in the present Mars has a thin atmosphere , carbon dioxide does not have a sequence change from gas to liquid phase is then compact , but directly from the gas phase to the solid phase .

” This is interesting . This is analogous to the Earth , ” Hayne said as quoted by Discovery , Monday ( 12/23/2013 ) .

Hayne did two analyzes to find out how much CO2 in the atmosphere contributes memadatnya Mars be snow on the ice at the south pole Mars. First , based on data obtained from the Mars Climate Sounder instrument on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter vehicle .

By looking transparannya turbidity and clouds, scientists estimate the amount of ice in Mars ‘s atmosphere . As a result, 10 percent of the ice in the polar regions is a result of the change so the CO2 snow .

Second , Hayne analyze atmospheric cooling speed , using temperature data from the Mars Climate Sounder instrument on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter vehicle , then converts it to the level of snow formation . Same result , Charity snow on ice is 10 percent .

Although snow may occur , no one has ever seen snow on Mars. Snow on Mars is very cold temperature demands that spacecraft will not work .

Hayne also said that based on laboratory experiments , snow on Mars can be anticlimactic . Instead we could be witnessing the snow can be compressed , the CO2 snow cemented nothing more than a tenth millimeter . Snow dust so similar .


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