Pebulu Chinese women’s doubles

aneka sepatu kulit wanita
sepatu kerja wanita 2013
Pebulu Chinese women’s doubles , Yu Yang began to worry about his physical condition is no longer fit as ever. Partnered with Wang Xiaoli as the strongest women’s doubles world today , Yu decided to reduce its participation in next year’s tournament series .

” Next year we will probably reduce participation in tournaments and trying not to be too tired . I am no longer a young player , the physical became my main enemy today , ” said Yu who has now stepped 27 years .

Compared Yu , Wang still quite young age , ie 24 years . Asked about the performance with Wang Xiaoli , Yu said they are increasingly compact . ” We understand each other , to grow a lot of experience , and be able to play at the highest level , ” I’m Yu .

The statement was conveyed when Yu participated and came as invited guests on promotional activities in the village badminton halamannyadi Anshan , Liaoning , Monday ( 23/12/2013 ) .

Although it has been in Anshan since December 21 , Yu said he could not visit all the relatives and friends one by one . Yu attended the promotional event became a gathering place for him and his relatives and friends .

” Yu Yang grew up around me . Every day I am always looking for news about him . Hearing results have been acquired to date , I am very happy , ” said Yu grandmother who is now 85 years old , Monday ( 23/12/2013 ) .

Once finished with his affairs in Anshan , Yu still be scheduled to promote badminton in some other places .


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