Barito Putra beat Persegres GU

Barito Putra beat sepatu wanita branded murah terlengkap Persegres GU success in test match held at the Stadium PKG , Monday ( 06 / 01 ) afternoon .

Two winning goal Barito Putra created by Rizki Pora after only 9 minutes and James Koko Lomel at the start of the second half . While one goal scored by Jimmy Suparno Persegres in the 61st minute .

Persegres which lowers harga sepatu pantofel pria their new defender , Otavio Dutra appeared nervous at the start of the first round . Impact, Barito Putra able to steal the first goal in the 9th minute through Rizki Pora .

Behind one goal put the hosts tried to reply . Some of the opportunities of Shohei Matsunaga still not able to meet the target . 1-0 score lasted until the first half ended .

Disastrous for the hosts resumed at the beginning of the game . This time , a violation of David Faristian to James Koko Lomel forbidden act in the penalty box . James belanja sepatu pantofel wanita Koko who became executor successfully carry out their duties impeccably . Barito Putra 2-0 lead .

Behind two goals made ​​Persegres appear more aggressive . The result , in the 61st minute Jimmy Suparno able to reduce the score after the crisis in Barito Putra goal , and the score became 2-1 .

After able to reduce the score , Persegres more incentive to catch up . But the effort was not fruitless , because until the long whistle sounded the score was still belongs to the visitors , 2-1 to win the Barito Putra .


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