Rodman train North Korean basketball team

Former U.S. basketball player Dennis Rodman will visit North Korea for five days to train the national basketball team of the country.


Rodman previously called the visit a ” basketball diplomacy ” and said that North Korean leader Kim Jong – un is the ” eternal friend . “


U.S. State Department confirms that Rodman does not represent the U.S. in this visit .


Rodman arrival adrift a few weeks after Kim ‘s uncle Chang Song – thaek executed .


Analysts said the execution Chang as the biggest political shock since the death of the former ruler Kim Jong – il last two years .


Speaking to reporters in Beijing before traveling to North Korea , Rodman said politics ” has nothing to do with him . “


” I just went there to play basketball and have fun , ” said Rodman told Reuters news agency .


Event organizers said Rodman also held a friendly match between North Korea and a group of former NBA players on Jan. 8 to commemorate the anniversary of Kim .


A spokesman for the U.S. State Department Marie Harf said on Tuesday , ” Dennis Rodman is not representative of the U.S. government during his visit to North Korea . “


” We have to focus on the important things when talking about North Korea … that is brutal North Korean regime will he met. “


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