Deemed not worthy of the road

Deemed not worthy of the road, and vulnerable resulting in an accident, hundreds of city transportation (angkot) is aged over 15 years in the town of Bekasi, West Java will be rejuvenated.
“Data while there are around 200 vehicles are not roadworthy,” said the head of the Department jual sepatu kulit murah of transportation, the city of Bekasi, Supandi Budiman, in Bekasi, on Wednesday (8/1).
He says, not be eligible to enter into the category of damage, does not meet the health standards in test KIR. It appealed to employers to replace transport vehicles which cannot be eligible to it with a new one.
“If there is still no transit found, it will be eligible on hold,” he said.
Supandi added, it also appealed to a public transport driver 3,200 more discipline in the way. Because of this, as far as it regards the number of public transport drivers trigger congestion on the highway.
“Will be given an identity card, and uniforms,” he said.
Head of Unit Traffic Polresta Bekasi city, Arsal Sahban Kompol M, say, will synergize with Department of Transportation in doing penindakan to public transit driver was not disciplined in the way.
“This discipline often leads to congestion,” he said.
He said, the driver of the often stops lightly, despite the ban to stop. As a result, the vehicles are on the road frequently stuck congestion.
“So far this is only a penindakan speeding ticket. It is in accordance with the mandate of the traffic laws, “he said.
It noted a number of points which are often the onset of congestion caused by public transit, including Terminal Bekasi, Bekasi West, motorway exit, train station, the market Pondokgede, and Medansatria.

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