Detention Yayan because accused of trash carelessly ignited the solidarity of the citizens

Detention Yayan because accused of trash carelessly ignited the solidarity of the citizens. Without citizen initiative that coin collecting is ruled to arrest women who made their living as a janitor at a kindergarten can be suspended.
The case began in July 2013. Originally, Yusninan was out to trash have Yayan yards of his home. Both jual sepatu kulit anak houses are adjacent. But tudingan denied that Yayan.
After five months, suddenly passed away on January 2, Polsek Duren Sawit set Yayan became suspect. Then assigned the case to the State Prosecutor in East Jakarta, and since 6 January Yayan were coerced into Bamboo Hut Rutan.
According to Natalie, citizens paid particular attention to assessing the case because Yayan full of awkwardness. Yayan was suspect because it mistreated when he pleads Yusninan TIG reserved garbage.
“Every day We collect coins up to Rp 5 million to suspension of detention Yayan,” said Natalie to, Thursday (9/1).
A matter of money, revealed by sister Yayan, Dodi after review for four hours by prosecutors from the East Jakarta State Prosecutor, Yayan directly held. The Prosecutor also asked for money Rp 5 million if Yayan want back breathing freely.
Citizen action was held not far from the scene in the way of an amethyst 3 No. 26 RT 04/09 Duren Sawit, East Jakarta. The action done by any citizen of unison RT 1 to 3.
“Usually people took turns asking for coins wear gallons are written ‘ coins for Mrs Yayan. Celestial junk jailed ‘ quarrels, “he said.
Since this case is rolling, said Deni, RT local offers to Yusninan in order to be resolved amicably. But Yusninan refused and insisted on continuing it to the law.
“We support if baseball is right, he actually made (Yayan) what is,” he said.
Kapolsek Duren Sawit, Imran Kompol Gultom commotion that occurs when it is considered Yusninan as persecution because he suffered a bruising in some parts of the body.
“There were bruises on the visumnya results of the left cheek and left shoulder. Mukulnya the use of hands, “he added.

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