Neighborly life turns out not making Yayan Nurhayati (43)

Neighborly life turns out not making Yayan Nurhayati (43), Yusninan (45) and get along. The top feud both when Yusninan reported to police because Yayan accused of molestation.
A report in July 2013 berbuntut long. Police officers from the Duren Sawit Polsek set Yayan as a suspect on jual sepatu kulit pria the 2 last January. Later, assigned the case to the State Prosecutor in East Jakarta, and since 6 January Yayan were coerced to bui.
Word that a resident of the House, even though both Marzuki contiguous on the Amethyst 3 No. 26 RT 04/09 Duren Sawit, East Jakarta, but disagreements often occur. He remembers the fuss about 15 years ago, because of the litter too.
“This case is a case of revenge 15 years ago. When his mother was still alive first accused Yayan pooping cats to Yusninan roof tiles, “said Marzuki to, Thursday (8/1).
It turns out this case again repeated. Version Dodi (sister Yayan), Yusninan accused his brother dump into the yard of his home. But Yusninan even claimed to assaulted Yayan, after rebuking Syamsul, husband Yayan.
“This incident is often keulang. Now its peak, “said Marzuki.
When a scene 15 years ago, Marzuki Yusninan remember asking his family to admonish Yayan apparatus. But he could not recall whether that apparatus of the TNI or Polri.
“Because the civil authorities have called for datengin home Yayan. Yayan dimarahin NTAR family, “he said.
After that, said Marzuki, the two sides agreed to solve the case. “The case was finished after made the letter of peace,” he said.
The existence of this case turns out to be touching the citizens around residence Yayan. Hear Yayan dipalak Rp 5 million by prosecutors, citizen initiative that raises funds ‘ coins for Yayan ‘. The money was requested prosecutors to the suspension of the detention.

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