price outstanding in the field.

The Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Basuki Tjahaja full moon (Ahok), said the provincial jual sepatu kulit surabaya government (provincial government) DKI Jakarta has decided to raise the value of Selling Tax Object (NJOP) for ground in 2014. The cause is because it’s been about four years NJOP never goes up.
Menyetarakan aims to raise NJOP price outstanding in the field. Because the difference with market prices quite significantly. See condition it Ahok reveals, NJOP’s ideal is close to market price.
Ahok adds, if not raised then potentially be losses of the State. So that can cause the DKI Jakarta provincial government accused of corruption for allowing the State’s revenue potential is reduced.
“So, we’ll create rule, if not able to be filed later discounted and there is already a Pergubnya. In fact, for the 2012 debt yesterday if you want to pay, will not be charged interest and will wear a 25 percent discount, “said former East Belitung Regency.
Further, there are arrears Ahok said about Rp 3.5 trillion before the tax Directorate of the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) transferred the authority of the poll tax on local government.
Even to maintain stability, ensure for Ahok penunggak is given a pardon. But for the next year no more tolerance.
NJOP in Jakarta increases vary, and tailored to the location of the region. His ascension from 120 percent the lowest up to 240 percent of the highest.

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