The Deputy Governor of Jakarta

The Deputy Governor of Jakarta were reportedly Full Tjahaja Basuki to Polda Metro Jaya by three jual sepatu kulit wanita representatives of the Muhammadiyah Students Association (IMM). Why Ahok, greetings, Basuki, calling those who reject legalization of localization in Jakarta are hypocrites.
But the report rejected Polda Metro Jaya. Police assessing no article which is quite Ahok Lariat.
“Because, once asked no adequate article to his testimony,” said Publicist Polda Metro Jaya Kabid, Initializing Rikwanto,, confirmed on Wednesday (8/1).
Rikwanto suggested, it is worth making a right answer IMM as the Ahok statement objected to.
Reporting begins when Was rejected plans to build localization Ahok prostitution in Jakarta.
Localization development rate, the belief that the same meaning with legalized prostitution. Got rejection, any statement that catapult Ahok considered offensive PP Muhammadiyah.
“Don’t be hypocrite, emang dont there is prostitution in JAWA? What hypocritical? I wrote, “said nyindir Ahok.

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