The two perpetrators of the theft of the bike in action at the Sunday market

The two perpetrators of the theft of the bike in action at the Sunday market, South Jakarta, Thursday (9/1) at around 04.00 am EST early this morning. The second burglar, Sukarman (40) and Mr. X diamuk mass when caught was trying to menggasak a unit of Honda’s Charisma Ujo (34).
Kapolsek Sunday market From jual sepatu kulit terbaru Kompol Desas Furyanto speak diamuk Sukarman mass until the perpetrators were killed while his colleague Mr. X had bleeding in his head.
“Both of them were taken to Kramat Jati police, RS,” said in a message From nutshell to reporters, Thursday (9/1)
From explaining, events started when the second burglar entered an alley in the Kebagusan, South Jakarta, Sunday market. It is seen by the three residents who are being gathered, the PM, BI, and Chairman of the local RT SH.
“Witnesses saw the two actors enter the terrace one home and found was trying to pull out a motorcycle casualties,” From said.
All of a sudden, a direct witness yelled maling against both. The cry was fishing a number of local people who are indeed central to worship it Fajr.
Both the gunsmith any discharged raw punch by bombarded the residents that resulted in one of them was killed.

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