Yayan Nurhayati (43) never expected

Yayan Nurhayati (43) never expected would be the occupant of a Bamboo Hut Rutan just because trivial issue. Amethyst Road III RT citizen 02/09, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta, became jual sepatu kulit dewasa a suspect after a neighbor reported Yusninan (45), because it is considered doing the persecution.
The case began when Yusninan pointed Yayan intentionally disposing garbage into his home. But Yayan denied. The two mothers were hence noisier. Apparently, the uproar that occurred July 2013 and then make Yusninan cheeks and left shoulder bruise. Yayan were reported to the police.
“Kaka I accused of trash at him Until dimarah-marahi. My sister dont accept and then got around the mouth, and TIG is arguably also the persecution. But all dont really, “said Dodi Apriyadi (34), the sister of the victim, then found merdeka.com, Thursday (9/1).
After the incident was reported to the police immediately Yusninan. According to police, Dodi, the RT and RW are already attempting to do mediation so that these cases are resolved in a family.
“In fact there is already a mediation board does RT 01.02, and 03, but the rapporteur (Yusninan) refused to make peace,” he said.
The aftermath of reporting that, on January 2, the older brother was designated as a suspect. Without legal authority was accompanied, after review for four hours by the Prosecutor General of East Jakarta State Prosecutor, Yayan directly held.
“Prosecutors and the police even suggested my sister not to use the power of the law so that the problem is not convoluted,” he added.
Not received by the detention, continued the family, Dodi try asking the right suspension of detention. Instead of being considered, Yayan dipalak instead of Rp 5 million by attorney if you do not want the languishing in prison.
“The submission of detentions was denied because there should be a letter of suspension of imprisonment and cash of Rp 5 million,” he said.
Because does not have the money to pay for the suspension of detention Yayan, the family and the community around making the action of solidarity with the coin collecting community.

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