Truck police numbered L-8560-UQ contains 700 units fan hijacked four robbers. Truck jual sepatu kulit wanita driver tronton calls and handcuffed was later reduced in Tambun, Bekasi.

This event occurs at around 05.00 GMT Monday (14/2). At the time, truckers tronton Karnoto (37) and kernet, Eko Prasetyo, resting inside parked cars around the toll booth Halim Perdanakusuma, East Jakarta. Such information from the Publicist Polda Metro Jaya, Tuesday (17/2).


All of a sudden came the perpetrators who use trucks Hino truknya parked directly in the right side of the truck. The offender forced entry into the victim’s truck while you put a machete threatened to kill victims if the fight.


Then calls Karnoto and eco with the mouth dilakban and his hands cuffed. Both victims were revealed on the roadside near the Lake around Tambun, Bekasi. Before the victims were revealed, ties the victim’s hand replaced with a rope of Raphia and duct tape.


The principals of four people carrying fleeing truck tronton the victim containing 700 fan brought from its plant in Tuban, East Java. The victim reported the incident to the Polda Metro Jaya.

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