A clash of two organizations that often occur in the area of Land the local

A clash of two organizations that often occur in the area of Land the local residents complain about the Carter. Residents frightened and anxious because the two tempat jual sepatu kulit organizations often involved clashed in the area.
“We are still misgivings also sih, soalnya kan we also nyari a living from ngojek in the land of Carter,” said carpenters Coachman to the Land around merdeka.com, Tuesday (17/2)
It is also delivered Ira (26), a merchant stalls on the ground Carriage. Happens to be a place that is often used for ngumpul-ngumpul prior to the two conflicting oramas it denotes from.
“They have come about at 13.30 GMT. Out that they directly post ngerusak. I immediately went into the stall. Thank God I was not injured, but the same glass thermos I exhausted tampered, “light of the Ira.
“Last run out Rp 100 thousand, that I bought new glasses and thermos. Warung pecel lele’s tent near the post expires marred. There is no rest. The trade immediately fled, “added Ira reliving yesterday’s clashes.
Good Udin, Ira and local people want the two clash organizations no longer occur. Residents hope the police could find a solution so that both organizations were no longer disturbing residents.
“We still ask him not to mention there is a brawl-Brawl, we also hit if there’s nothing,” the pitiful Ira imbuh.

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