Pr Manager at 7 Eleven

Pr Manager at 7 Eleven, Neneng jual sepatu kulit toko bagus Mulyati admit their permissions kantongi not be a minimart. During this attempt, the provision of food and drink that are still using fast clearance outlet for the whole restaurant they open. The reason, permission is received from the Department of tourism and culture (Disparbud) DKI Jakarta.
The use of the restaurant’s permission because it focused on the sales of fast food and drink as they do during this time. However, the discharge of the Governor’s Instruction (Ingub) concerning the structuring and curbing minimart and 7 Eleven outlets still they learned first.
“We will coordinate with the Department of tourism and Culture as well as the provincial government in advance about the Setup,” said Neneng you call reporters in Jakarta through her cell phone, Monday (13/2).
According to him, the management wants to follow all the rules issued by the provincial government in that regard Perda No. 2 in 2003. “We don’t want to violate the rules,” he said.
On October 21, 2011, Chairman of the Regional people’s representative Council (DPRD) DKI Jakarta Ferrial Sofyan issued a recommendation concerning the existence of a mini market in the city. Of these, diterbitkanlah Ingub recommendation number 7 in 2012 about structuring and Curbing Mini Mart and 7-Eleven in province of DKI Jakarta. The purpose of the Ingub is to provide the legal certainty of the existence of business activities a mini market in Jakarta, in addition to structuring and curbing.
Furthermore based on Ingub number 12 in 2012, tourism and Culture will do the Setup and the curbing of the 7 Eleven outlets-outlets with three conditions. First, the Department of culture and Paristiwa will process licensing 7 Eleven with a location in accordance with the provisions and Regulations comply with the Governor’s Number 20 in 2006. The regulations governing conduct of business unit include a restaurant with area devices work/work unit device area.
Then tourism and Cultural authorities give administrative sanctions to the owner 7 Eleven clearances have to Keep Tourism field of provision of food and drink kind of cafeteria according the level of violations committed. In addition the Department of tourism and culture to evaluate against the exact location has yet to get permission, with reference to peruntukkan.

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