Retail workers who are members of the labour forum Jakarta continued to flock to Jakarta City Hall

Retail workers who are members of the labour forum Jakarta continued to flock to Jakarta City Hall. The atmosphere was briefly heated up since the jual sepatu kulit modern mid-1990s about labour had engaged action push-push by Satpol PP.
Radar, push-push action between workers with Satpol PP happened about 10 minutes. The action triggered labour’s desire to enter the page merangsek the Office Governor of Jakarta but it was intercepted dozens of Satpol PP are lined up to form a wall.
“If Fauzi Bowo did not come out, we will go,” said one of the orator in action.
But the push-push action between workers and Satpol PP it didn’t last long. Some koordinastor action then asked the workers who gathered at the Medan Merdeka Selatan Street to calm down again.
As a result of this action Jl Medan Merdeka Selatan of West Gambier to Tanah Abang jammed. Vehicles traveling on the road must be memperlahan the rate of its vehicles because most roads are used for action.
Labour Jakarta Forum this afternoon Jakarta Governor’s Office menggeruduk. Dozens of workers were demanding the lifting of 13-year Number 2012 Pergub about Sectoral Minimum wage province (UMPS) DKI Jakarta.
“We have requested the Governor of DKI Jakarta withdrew the pergub, because it’s not fair,” said one orator in the orasinya in front of the City Hall building Jakarta.
In the Pergub set of 10 leading sectors in DKI Jakarta. But retail is not entered into the flagship sector 10.
“Why the retail sector are not listed as the leading sector. Even though the Board of waging and Apindo already agree that the leading sector in retail, “said Association Chief Encep Retail location Lenroy.
According to Encep when retail sector into its flagship sectors then the UMR went up by 5 percent. During the time the retail workers ‘ wage of Rp 1,484 thousand, when the flagship sector sectors dimasuk then to IDR 1.605 thousand.

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