Rob GAS STATIONS in Condet is a COP initials

Rob GAS STATIONS in Condet is a COP initials r. police also threatened the jual sepatu kulit terbaik person was imprisoned and fired from its allies.
“One of the perpetrators of the initials R Polsek Kramat jati is a plurality, guns used when Rob was a gun on duty,” said Publicist Kabid Initializing Pol Rikwanto Police on the sidelines of events photo exhibition from the national police in Gandaria City, South Jakarta, Thursday (29/2).
According to Rikwanto, R was arrested at Kramat Jati. While the other arrested suspects, J in Kampong Makassar yesterday. Money robbed of $ 217 million was still intact.
“For legal treatment, offenders berinisal R will undergo public trial as ordinary society. After completion of the public hearings, the national police will proceed to Council code of conduct. The possibility of dismissal, “said Rikwanto.
The robbery occurred at the GAS STATION the rock Ampar Condet, East Jakarta, early morning, Monday (13/2/) 03: 11 pm. Saburian (27), said the watchdog GAS STATION robbers shot and beaten. The perpetrators had managed to bring a run for money a number of Rp 204 million.

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