the entire neighborhood level

the entire neighborhood level and clinics in kecamatan se-Jakarta requested standby deal jual sepatu kulit surabaya with the spread of Flu in Singapore. The disease is known to have infected dozens of children in Depok, West Java.

“Health centers along the health service had to do outreach to the SD-SD in its territory. Because the virus is always attacking kids, “said Health Department Chief Deen DKI Jakarta, Dien Emmawati, when contacted Monday (13/2).

“If it is found that students exposed to PKTM (diseases of the Feet, hands, and mouth-red), then the child should be were closed. Then the school should be cleaned with antiseptic to prevent transmission of the virus to the other students, “he added.

In order to halt the enterovirus virus or Flu Singapore, Dien asked, communities are finding cases of the disease were in the settlement in order to immediately report to the nearest Clinic. This is so that the Clinics can directly deal with patients and do the cleaning of the surrounding environment. Typically, the virus is only attacking children aged under 10 years with the spread of the contagion quickly enough.

“Anyway, we do as early as possible, so that the detection of virus enterovirus can be anticipated. Drugs for these diseases already present in Puskemas. So don’t be afraid, “he said.

Data from the Director General of disease control and environmental health (P2PL) Ministry of health mentioned the Hand Foot Mouth disease progression (PTKM) or Singapore Flu has occurred in the city of Depok. On 10 February, found an increase in cases of suspect PKTM in Bojong Saris amounted to 34 cases that occurred in the second week up to the sixth week.

The peak incidence is in the third week, but no deaths. The case occurred at the age of 4 months up to 72 months and most cases at age 18 months to 36 months, each as much as 3 people.


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