Ado her nickname, full name Andri Aryansah, a man whose only taste education elementary managed to become a successful businessman with a turnover per month to Rp 100 million.

Ado her nickname, full name Andri Aryansah, a man whose only taste education elementary managed to become a successful businessman with a turnover per month to Rp 100 million.

Everything passed with no fun. He still remembers how must often wear flip-flops to school if the rainy season, because the shoes Ado only one. If wet he had no shoes and was forced to wear the slippers replacement.

He also still remember how it feels sticky when walking to school and play, while his friends were delighted to ride a bike. That’s slightly bitter experiences in childhood, of the many bitter experience that feeling.

Ado endless grief when he graduated from elementary school in 1999. His father who only work as construction workers could not afford the school cek disini anymore. He was forced to discontinue SMP. Two years later, he left his hometown of Garut to Bandung to speculate. The reason he did not want to bother her parents.

His first job in Singapore is not a job for a teenager seems proud. He became a housekeeper (PRT) in the area Dipati Measure, Bandung.

The job he went through for three years. In 2004 Ado “promoted” by working in the Record Man, a clothing store that is synonymous with rock music. Honesty and hard work make Ado was promoted to be the manager of the store. After working in the Record Man for 7 years, Ado decided to exit from work. “I still do not want to keep working on those. Want to have my own business. After all I’ve got experience in the field of clothing, so know the ins and outs of the business, “said Aldo.

Capitalized savings of USD 2.5 million he started renting los at Plaza Parahyangan measuring 3 × 3 with a rental fee of Rp 1.4 million. Although the first run a business, Ado said they believed that he would succeed. Although a little money capital, Ado has capital more important than money, namely the experience and network.

He has over 7 years experience in this industry and he has a network of suppliers and customers. Ado took his friends to be made of metal music musician merchandise. Ado is a pengemar rock music. The merchandise attempt was a blessing for him. In a relatively short time efforts to climb.

As entrepreneurs, Ado learn to see trends in the market. When competition in the business of starting tight band merchandise, Ado looking for other ideas. He was then to diversify shirt design with stylish design makes Sunda. But the metal-style shirt remained her run. Foresight to see the opportunities that makes Ado can last up to now. Slowly but surely, the business continues to grow. Turnover which originally evolved into tens of millions and tens of millions of dollars. And now according to the figures already touched Ado Rp 100 million per month. Although his business is progressing and turnover ballooned, but Ado claims remain simple life. Past experience taught her to live simply. Ado patience and tenacity paid off today.


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