Agoeng story Widyatmoko

Agoeng story Widyatmoko (36). A man born in Yogyakarta is choosing a different path to become entrepreneurs, after the media company where she worked closed in 2005. He Got laid off after the company where he worked collapsed.

Then what will be done if the person affected by layoffs? Most definitely will soon be looking for work again. But not so with Agoeng Widyatmoko.

Agoeng is somewhat reckless. Moreover, given the company severance pay after being laid off just enough to survive a few months. To create a portfolio, he then tried to write a book.

Field of writing is a business that becomes incarannya, according to the journalist profession he was in previously. However, building a business is not as easy as turning the palm info selengkapnya of the hand. Moreover, at that time many people do not understand what can be dikreasikan of writing services.

The first book in the release failed in the market. However, Agoeng not broke. He is convinced, writing is a promising business, especially when it is relatively rare competitors. Agoeng then wrote a second book titled 100 Business Opportunities SMEs. Not unexpectedly, the book was in the category of best seller and reprinted up to seven times.

Because the second book, Agoeng then often invited to fill out a seminar on entrepreneurship. Once, when he was invited to fill the material on the island of Bangka, he was asked by one of the participants of the seminar.

100 Business opportunities – Success Story Agoeng Widyatmoko, Reporters layoffs so Successful Writer “Some people are asking, of 100 chances, I’ve been trying to attempt anything? The question made me a shock, ”

Agoeng were married in 2007 with Anita Marfi who works at an advertising company then agreed, would raise business writing services, which they named DapurTulis. The wife-who then decided to quit her job-duty sales, Agoeng which controls the quality of work.

Because writing services have not been popular, to get clients, they should be selling everywhere. “Anyway there is a chance to make the annual report, biography, to fill the content offered the website we try,” said Agung. Capital, business cards for Rp 60 thousand a box inscribed with a variety of services that they can do.

“One of the uphill battle we are doing business in a rented terraced house. Not only the size of the limited space, it is not possible to invite a client meeting in the tenement, “Agung said, laughing.

But, because of the limitations of that, they are compact console each other if not yet managed to get clients. Until, of a few tens attended, no warning first client obtained from the recommendation of friends wife, results chatting in a campus in Depok.

“First Alhamdulillah client can immediately asked to fill out the content of international travel agency website, the Singapore Tourism Board.”

Since then, thanks to the reference work of an international institution. Agoeng started getting some pretty good job of writing.

Assisted by several employees and freelance, DapurTulis started getting orders varied. Of filling website content, making the annual report, to write a biography of a person.

“Some of us are proud that our two aid biography writing specifically been discussed in the show Kick Andy,” recalls Agoeng.

Not only that. DapurTulis also once believed to make the ASEAN Secretariat Annual Report which is used as a material meeting the ASEAN Summit 2011 in Bali, attended by US President, Barack Obama.

Problem turnover, Agoeng calls, thanks to the writing, DapurTulis can build a home office in Depok, West Java, from the equivalent of one and a half years working alone.

“But this business is results can not be ascertained. Therefore, there is no creativity based business basic benchmark price, “he explained.

“To keep the turnover, we are now targeting a variety of foundations and NGOs, because in addition to the market not many people working, there is also a social value.”

Currently, Agoeng with the team DapurTulis also often share knowledge of writing, both informal social activities for free, as well as in the form of professional training in various institutions.

“With more and more people who understand the power of writing, the world of education will also become more advanced. Business writing will increasingly be a promising opportunity, not simply a matter of money, but also as a legacy of knowledge that can be given to children and grandchildren. ”

That is, Agoeng grateful ever laid off, because that’s where he feels challenged to open a business and can evolve as it is now.


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