Cak Asmo

Cak Asmo wander into town which is an icon of Indonesia’s tourism (Bali) since 1992 with the sole purpose of making a living. His first job in Bali is just helping his brother to sell noodles and fried rice using a wheelbarrow. Worked for his brother for 6 months, the man who just graduated from high school was finally given a Carriage by his brother so he could sell himself.

Cak Asmo which also Ayo Cari Cara Nyari Duit Di Internet sell fried rice chose to peddle his wares in front of the campus Sudirman Udayana Bali, so that buying fried rice is an average student. Asmo then intends to develop business on the move, which sell in front of a store. Unfortunately, the situation did not last long due to its position just a ride, he had to give up the place jualannya evicted.

Besides spirited entrepreneur, as a Christian Cak Asmo also have a strong faith. In difficult circumstances, Cak Asmo always pray to God to be given fluency in job. A week later, her prayers were answered. Mates church suddenly give a free shop for use Asmo as sales outlet.

Success Stories Cak Asmo, Entrepreneur Of Carriage Push So RestorantDari where Asmo career began to climb. The restaurant was established in 2007 it managed to steal the attention of the people of Bali. One of the reasons of fast growing restaurant Cak Asmo is in addition to diligent prayer, he also always brings new menus at home eating. Until the end of the small eating house into a depot that each day packed Balinese and tourists.

Success with the first depot, Asmo opened a depot again. Amid rising career development, exam re-hit for this middle-aged man. Depot both newly built burned down. Exposed major problems, instead of making Asmo despair, instead he increasingly surrender to God and trying to rise from adversity. Finally he also was able to rebuild a second depot.

Cak Asmo, From Push Carts Entrepreneur RestoranSalah So one key to the success of Cak Asmo depot itself is pricing that is affordable for all people. With the motto “Taste Bos, Kids Bags Kost”, the depot went on to become one of the places most visited by tourists and native people of Bali. In fact, some people say, “not to Bali name if you have not visited Cak Asmo depot”.

Although it has been a success Cak Asmo remains a humble person, he said that the success is coming from God. “If it was not God, my life is not nothing,” added Cak Asmo. Now the former trader fried rice has become a successful businessman and employs more than 60 employees.

Success Stories Cak Asmo, Entrepreneur Of Carriage Push So RestoranSegala success all started with “Dreams, Hard Work, and Prayer”. 3 elements is what brought the man called Cak Asmo colony became one of the famous restaurants in Bali entrepreneurs. By using the name of the restaurant as the name implies, this food place has now become one of the favorite people or tourists in Bali.


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