Crackers Desert

It sounds strange that we have not heard the name “Crackers Desert”. The term cracker deserts are very reasonable because the frying pan made using fine sand media

Bambang Suparno (49), a resident of Orange Village, Ayo Gedein Anunya Indonesia!, Village Tugurejo, District Ngasem, Kediri regency, East Java, is admirable. Of the business trading fried crackers sand, former migrant workers can be pocketed turnover of up to Rp 90 million per month.

Work performed Bambang is frying without oil crackers. He is replacing oil with fine sand filtration results. With the help of ignition, crackers remain in bloom. Frying way that makes these types of crackers called crackers desert.

Fried crackers with this technique it will be a little different when compared to the use of cooking oil. Another advantage is low in cholesterol and certainly more efficient in reducing production cost. In fact, the risk can be reduced due to sluggish recyclable.

Varian also bernacam-kind taste. At least seven flavors created by the man who started his business since 2001’s. There is a sense of spicy, sweet, spicy sweet, shrimp, salad, celery, onions, and potatoes. Giving a sense done in two ways, namely seasoning mixed with crackers before being fried or mixed after being fried.

Crackers are finished fried then packed in plastic the size of a half kilograms and a length of 30-40 centimeters. Each pack size he sold for Rp 1,000-Rp 2,500. Each flavor also affect the price.

Crackers were already packed and then sent to his agent were dispersed in several cities, such as Kediri, Nganjuk, Kertosono, Jombang, Bojonegoro, Tuban, Ngawi, Malang and Sidoarjo. The agent is a trader at the center of souvenirs in each city.

Crackers business Padang Pasir1Bambang including a tenacious businessman in a work. For his efforts, he only employs four men on duty personnel from drying crackers to fry. Packaging is done by his wife and six children and some hired labor are also neighbors.

“If I myself served in settings as well as the delivery of goods to the cities,” said business owner frying crackers desert with brand Arofah, Monday (06/04/2012). The development effort is pretty good. In early start, he only produced 30 kilograms of crackers and it was for a few days. Because the demand is always there, he continued to be encouraged to develop their business so that the production per day has now reached 2.5 quintal.

“If on the turnover put it this way, the price per kilo 12,000 kerupuknya material, then multiply 250 kilograms, multiplied again for 30 days. What is the result, please guessed myself, “he said.

Find this type of business is not an easy road for him. Some professions once he lived, ranging from construction workers across the country until the meatballs itinerant sellers. He had also wanted to sell lubricating oil in accordance solicitation colleagues, but failed to do for fear of the risk.

“I’m selling crackers because seeing my brother in this field. Once I learned, I became convinced that I go jump, “said Bambang, remembering her past.


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