Handicraft businesses tamarind tree wood already wrestled for three years ago

Handicraft businesses tamarind tree wood already wrestled for three years ago, Bambang Haryono see any peculiarities unique to the tamarind tree. Efforts to cultivate it, Bambang prefers empowerment Banyuwangi than using engine power.

Tamarind tree is considered not to have high economic value, alias just to charcoal. However Bambang Hariyono, an activist MSMEs craft from Banyuwangi, tamarind tree wood can be transformed into useful items and make money.

Seeing the great potential Pembicara Ineternet Marketing of eventually Bambang Haryono armed with a strong desire, Bambang then make tamarind tree as handicrafts, including waste which is used as furniture ornamentation international class.

“Wood is unique tamarind tree in my opinion, as having distinctive characteristics and also each cut made will never be the same. Then a lot of interest for the production of this acid timber Europe and America, “said Bambang, who was met at the workshop ‘Oesing craft’ property, Banyuwangi.

Success story of Bambang Haryono, Tree Asem becomes Goods BernilaiDan His company currently has more than 250 employees who are embraced for making wooden handicrafts. Labor was recruited from various districts, namely Glagah, Kalipuro, Kabat. Even Bambang also cooperation with the Institute for Community Empowerment and correctional institutions (prisons) in Banyuwangi.

“We embrace the prisons so that prisoners-prisoners also have skills during the inside,” said Bambang. Moreover, Bambang also has subsidiaries in Situbondo, Jember, and Pasuruan. Craft belonging to this bambang diverse, such as tablewear, bowls, jars, where to eat, and jewelry.

With Persistence Bambang, handicraft products from this banyuwangi has been circulated to various countries, such as Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, America, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. I wonder if the monthly turnover obtained Rp 1 billion.

Success story of Bambang Haryono Tree Asem be BernilaiOesing craft goods even been hired by big companies from Japan to make wooden crafts. “Whatever we produce, they are ready to accept. Even for shipment to Japan was no limit minumum amount, “he said proudly.

Because of the tenacity and persistence, has won numerous awards, such as the award of the UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicraft in 2012 and for the Southeast Asia region.

It also won an award plaque SMESCO Award 2009, 2nd Souvenir Design Eye of East Java in 2009, Prabaswara Export Award in 2012, and various awards field craft and community empowerment.

“We are still maintaining the quality of the craft that we make. Currently many orders, we should not be complacent to give priority to the quality of each piece of his. If poor quality, consumers must have run, especially Japan, which always conscientious goods we send, “said Bambang, who also have a dream to train prostitutes in Dolly’s mantas could have made the craft skills of these trees.


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