In 2006, he quit the mill and become entrepreneurs

In 2006, he quit the mill and become entrepreneurs. Throughout the years, she tried different types of businesses. “In principle, I am looking for daily business cash flow. I tried nine kinds of businesses from selling cakes, opening the restaurant, until it becomes EO (event organizer), “he said.

Until 2006, Denni Delyandri (32) being an Yasirli Amri Internet Marketer Indonesia employee with a maximum income of Rp 2.5 million per month. Now, the father of three children was a director of the company average daily turnover of Rp 100 million.

Sustenance that he shares with 220 employees in Batam, Riau Islands, and Pekanbaru, Riau. Nurlia Selvi’s husband also shared with the provision that at least 80 SMEs in partnership with his company, CV Media Creative Nation (MKB).

Through that company, Denni sell Kek Villa Banana Cake Viz in Batam and Pekanbaru. CV MKB opened eight outlets across-corners Batam to market various products Kek Pisang Villa.

While in Singapore, there are four outlets to market Viz Cake. In addition Kek Villa and Viz Banana Cake, outlets that also sell a range of products SME partners MKB CV. “I prepared a new company to facilitate business expansion,” said Denni.

Success Story Deny sell Kek Pisang Villa 1Pencapaian Denni not overnight. He actively trades a variety of homemade products since they became employees. However, the results are not optimal. Denni also have to concentrate on the job at the factory. In addition, capital is also not much.

In February 2007, he and his wife began to make a banana cake with the name Banana Cake. Selvi Denni take care of production and marketing. “We tried different recipes. Incidentally wife like to cook. After trying various kinds, banana cake is the most acceptable to the market, “he said.

They started the business from a modest home in the outskirts of Batu Aji in Batam. Initially production tool is a small mixing machine, kerosene stove, and a small oven. “We started with 2 kilograms of bananas a day. On average made 40 boxes of cookies a day because of limited production capacity, “said the alumnus of the University of Andalas, Padang, it is.

Most cakes were sold in pieces to the stalls. Some are marketed in the form of door-to-door intact. “I market to neighbors, acquaintances, or office. I made a brochure distributed in the factories, “he said.

Denni almost five months doing that pattern. During the process, he saw a lot of tourists come to Batam, both transit and traveled in Batam. However, Batam has not got souvenirs. “Other cities have special food as souvenirs. Yogya has bakpia, Bandung with brownies, “he said.

Success Story Deny sell Kek Pisang Villa 2Juli 2007, Dean made the decision, changing the name of the product and borrow money for capital added. “We started to use the name Kek Pisang Villa. I take a loan without collateral Rp 40 million. Partly for the rental shop, the rest to buy a larger oven, added production capacity, “he said.

This shop is located in the front of the complex where Denni stay. One used as a shop floor and the second floor used as a factory. The new location, the production capacity increased to 100 boxes per day. “At that time, effort started more smoothly and we improve the promotion to make products as souvenirs typical of Batam. I paid off the first loan in eight months, “he said.

However, Denni business remains challenged parents. He and his wife had come from families without basic entrepreneurship. “I was told to sign up to one of the state currently has a turnover of Rp 70 million per month. However, I continue so entrepreneurial, “he said.

Added capacity

June 2008, Denni obtain small loans of Rp 500 million. Loans without collateral enables it to develop wings. He added two stores in the city center and another in the suburb. The factory was moved from the area of ​​Batu Aji to new outlets in Batam Center. The factory was supplying products to outlets in Batu Aji, Penuin, Tiban, Nagoya, and Hang Nadim Airport.

Its products are increasingly well known and so by-main in Batam. Foreign and domestic tourists often bring Kek Pisang Villa as souvenirs. Participants of events in Batam often carry cartons of bananas Kek Villa while leaving Batam.

Sometimes the committee help. Participants often also hunt itself in a number of outlets CV MKB. Denni seller also sent a team to the location of the event. How to pick the ball sales was maintained until now.

Success Story Deny sell Kek Pisang Villa 4 with various combinations of marketing and sales, it is now an average of 2,500 boxes sold per day on weekdays. In the holiday season, Denni outlets can sell up to 3,500 boxes of cookies per day. With a minimum price of Rp 35,000 per box, Denni reap Rp 87.5 million per day from selling cakes only, not from the sale of various products SME partners MKB CV. “Now we do not buy bananas in the market. We grab a banana from Medan, North Sumatra. I do not remember how many tons per month, “he said.

Pundinya not only filled from outlets in Batam. Last year, Denni expand to Pekanbaru. There, he durian processing into various types of cakes with Cake Viz brand. “Durian can be obtained at any time. However, no refined products such as durian cake. I entered in the gap, “he said.

Within a year, Viz Cake growing rapidly. Now, four stores opened in Singapore with an average daily sales of 500 boxes.

Now, Denni no longer take care of their own business. Daily operations left to professionals. It concentrates on the development strategy.

Despite success, Denni keep it simple. If to the office, he often just menggenakan sweatshirt, jeans, and sandals. At first glance it does not look as young entrepreneurs with an average turnover of US $ 3 billion per month


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