Ligwina P. Hananto

I “Ligwina P. Hananto” Betah Unemployed Not, Want More Helpful.
That day date of 29 September 2003 is a milestone point in my career in the field of financial planners or financial planner.

Vienna (call name of Ligwina) began offering financial planning services through sms to his friends. There are 100 numbers that he sent a short message. “Of the 100 sms back four,” he said. “Of the four, three ngetawain and one as a client,” Vienna added.

The first client is Arief Winarto, ten 2 five bass player. Since then Vienna began to plunge as a financial planner. This first experience teaching in Vienna that trust is the most important thing in business services. “People want to entrust their finances to me because I believe in credibility,” he said.

Selanjtnya, she got a new client that is Dondi Handito that her own husband. “It was my husband,” she said with a laugh. After that he found the fact that making people believe it is not easy. New clients can be difficult. Yet women born in Bandung on May 3, 1976 is not discouraged, he kept trying to convince people even though the results are not satisfactory.

Since 2003 – 2005 of his clients just enamm people, in 2006 his clients grew to 13 people. “One friend, husband and 11 cousins ​​all the rest,” he said followed by laughter. Three years of business the go yet there are also signs of shine. He also conducted a self-evaluation, Vienna realizes that his services many well known people he should aggressively promote. In June 2006 he had a show at the Hard Rock FM radio station on financial planning, while promoting their business through Quantum Magna Financial. At that time the status of his efforts have not been incorporated.

From month to month the listener Hard Rock began to like the show. Viennese style outspoken and honest when assessing an investment product makes the listener believe in her ability. “If a bad product then will I say ugly and vice versa.” Said Vienna.

The business began to show light. More and more of his clients. Vienna then make Quantum Magna Financial status as a form of PT in September 2006. He became CEO of the company. Now he enjoyed his labors.

Success Story Ligwina P. Hananto Quantum Magna FinancialDari office located at Mega Kuningan area, Jakarta, mother of two children, Muhammad and Nadir Aisha Azra Hananto Hananto it controls its business. Quantum Magna Financial now has about 350 clients, 40 people directly and the rest is handled Vienna addressed his men.

Quantum clients an average employee salary dengann middle class of over 10 million. Vienna now employs 27 employees, ranging financial planner, customer relation officer and staff.

Deciding history Become Financial Planner

Being a financial planner is not the ideals of Vienna. He was like the financial world but would rather be a banker. Sure enough after graduating from the Department of Finance and Marketing Curtin University of Technology, Perth Australia, he immediately got a job in Hong Kong ang Shanghai Bnak Corporation (HSBC) Bandung in January 1999. His position is Customer Service, “I enjoy this work because they can learn a lot on how to handle the client. “he said.

But he had to end my career at HSBC as married with Hananto Doni, who are both employees of HSBC. Aturann company membolehkann not husband and wife working at the company. Four months unemployed, Vienna and then went into advertising company as a media planner. In this new Internet marketing place he learned much about how to set up the client’s money that wants to advertise.

When Vienna was pregnant, Dondy asked him to stop working. Must reluctantly leave the job Vienna agreed. “I feel a loss of identity when asked to stop working. But because of respect for my husband to stop, “he continued.

When her son was born, he could not bear to continue being unemployed housewife. “I love 24 hours with the children, but I want more than that,” he said.

Her husband gave the green light to the Viennese who want to work again, but with one condition, Vienna should really like to work and could organize work in accordance with what he wanted. Various attempts did he lakoni but always failed. Until then terbesit diotaknya to become a financial planner. It happened at the end of 2002. “At that time my home, work already completed and already sleeping children while her husband was not home yet. That I do is to calculate the financial prospects of the family in front of the computer, “he said.

As a result, the management of his family in shambles, “Wow, crazy, kids can drop out of school if the way we manage finances Just like this,” he said. For example in 2001 the savings balance family lived Vienna Rp. 119 200. Yet when the Vienna and her husband still works and her salary is increasing. Children are also not yet exist. From here he more firmly to become a financial planner. In addition to addressing the problem itself, can also be used as a source of income.

Her husband supports the following requirements: Vienna should learn about the formal financial planner in order to have enough supplies as a financial planner. Vienna go to college to Bussiness School IPMI Jakarta in February 2003 ,, taking master investment management.

Than through lectures, Vienna also gain knowledge by following training to hone their abilities. He had a motto: “Life is about learning,”. “There will always be people who are smarter than me. So I have to learn continuously. “He says.
Ligwina at Hard Rock Radio

Vienna now holds certification from the Financial Planning Standards Board, Certified Wealth Managers Association, and the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants. Vienna also never got pengahrgaan as Australian Alumni Award finalist field of entrepreneurship and Tupperware She Can Award: Inspiring Women of 2009.

Through Quantum Magna Financial Vienna trying to do something different from other financial planners. Quantum Magna Finanncial trying to focus on creating a family financial planning, financial planner while most just hold ttraining and seminars.

For Vienna world financial planner interesting because a financial planner can make a difference in the lives of others. “Essentially we’re working on something and it makes other people’s lives better,” he said.


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