Some people might consider old bottles are useless junk. But for Ratna Miranti bottles is a very significant item.

Some people might consider old bottles are useless junk. But for Ratna Miranti bottles is a very significant item.

He was able to change things into something very valuable. As a craftsman painting on glass, bottles, glass and items made of other glass.

Charles started his career since 2009, the business Nyari Duit Di Internet started from an accident. He previously worked as a batik artisans. Ratna was once like batik. But batik more here more and more and more stringent. I finally vacuum of 2 years due to child care, “said Ratna.

Rachel decided to start their business again. However, at the time wanted to buy the raw materials for the paint batik, he instead buy paint for glass. He was a fad, try painting on glass.

I bought one, fact buy to paint the glass. But I try to make in the bottle, in glass. Turns out my friends like, “said Ratna.

Ratna Meraihkan Success of Bottle BekasNamun, the incident does not necessarily make him the confidence to cultivate their business becomes large. At that time, Rachel is still selling its products based on customer orders.

“I make first, because basically my hobby of painting. Christmas coincides same time, so many nuances Christmas orders. My marketing is still word of mouth, on blogs, or take it to a social gathering of mothers, “said Ratna.
Exhibition Brings Blessings

It was only in 2010, even after the business is 1 year old, she had the opportunity to attend the exhibition Inacraft in Jakarta. That is where a great opportunity for Ratna to introduce their products.

To expand its business that she get an injection of capital of PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM) through its program namely Civil Service Unit Micro Rp 50 million.

“To add capital. The cost of raw materials and others, “he said. Until now, the turnover obtained by the products named Ratna ‘Meerakatja’ reaches Rp 30 million / month. Whereas before they become big, he can only reap Rp 3-5 million per month.

Ratna Meraihkan Success story of Bottle Bekas1 “Initially turnover of USD 3 million, the highest of Rp 5 million. Due to the sale as well as individuals. Initial capital is also the first $ 500 thousand, “he said.

For matters of raw materials, Ratna claimed no trouble. He also often ordered bottles herbalist. But to paint, Ratna using paint imported from Germany through a distributor customers. Not only painting on the bottle, Ratna also received an order to paint the interior of the house made from glass, mirrors, vases, glasses, spot lights, urns and so forth.

“The price of Rp 25 thousand to $ 2.5 million,” he said. These products are still widely spread in Jakarta and Bandung. Some products also have entered the international market. However, he does not directly export their products to foreign countries, but through an intermediary.

Ratna Meraihkan Success story of Bottle bekas2 “If the name really does not export. But there are some people order for the goal to the outside, Canada, Germany, but still I disjunction with the people of Jakarta, “said Ratna.

Until now, Ratna has three permanent employees who work as a giver of color in his work. Design matters and basic painting, Ratna who intervened. “If the order more and more, we could get 15 people,” he said. If you are interested in the work of this Meeraktja, you can come to Jalan Sangkuriang O-2, Bandung.


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