toserda bandung

In Bandung, scattered places serving the culinary peculiarities, including a special place to sell snacks spicy. Is Toserda alias Store Pepper, Willyhono thoughts, which provides the food.

Willy, greeting Willyhono, tells us Bukan Pembicara Internet Marketing Yang Ngaku Paling Hebat. that this business is peddling spicy foods of various kinds. His efforts were a continuation of the activities initially, namely peddling spicy confectionary products.

“In the past, I sell one product, namely onions spicy. His name, Spicy Garlic artificial Balalada my friend, “he said.

After the chips market, who was born in 1983 was seeing the market response to a very nice spicy snacks. From here, blaze thought to set up a business selling spicy food.

Toserda Spicy Food, Business Willy Raup Tens Million “If I see, good consumer response. The average Indonesian people like spicy food, “he said.

Willy then decided to develop the business and increasing the types of merchandise. However, he does not necessarily create an online store.

First, he built the store in Jalan Padjadjaran No. 4, Bandung. Initial capital of Rp10-15 million. For the name of the store building measuring 25 square meters, he deliberately chose the acronym and there are elements of the language.

“People tahunya department store, department store. But, I choose Toserda, convenience stores pepper. The word ‘pepper’ in Sundanese, right, it means spicy, “he said.

Then, he also began to reproduce the type of merchandise, ranging from spicy fried onions, chips, crackers, shredded, chilli sauce, rendang, even chocolate. Merchandise products have high levels of spiciness, from level one to level six to spicy to very spicy.

Spicy foods, Willy Business Raup Tens Million RupiahPenganan it was a wide range in size, from 100 grams, 300 grams, and 400 grams. The price also varies, ranging from Rp 5,000 to Rp. 59,000.

“The Rp. The 5,000 chips, weighs 100 grams and Rp. 59,000 is dry rendang, “said the man graduated from the University of Parahyangan, Bandung.

Merchandise, Willy acquired from the producers of home food industry in Bandung and surrounding areas.

“But, if it’s shredded, I also get it from Cirebon, Medan, Jakarta and Surabaya. For chocolate, I took the product Chocodot of Garut and Monggo of Java (Yogyakarta) and prices range from Rp. 10-15 thousand per package, “he said.

There are two ways, plus Willy, to supply merchandise to the store, which is entrusted with the outright and merchandise. If purchasing system broke, he bought his own goods for sale, while the system is entrusted goods, confectionary manufacturers who entrust the merchandise to the store. The way these goods entrusted the most widely used Toserda suppliers.

“I’m just taking a profit margin of 20 percent of their merchandise,” he said.

But, not all spicy snacks that can be entered into the list of wares. This man surveying first candidate wares. “I look around the wares, which are most in demand. Sambal usually runs 10 packs per week, while Basreng (fried meatballs) discharged 100-200 packs per week, “he said.

Turnover Rp70 million

However, this effort is not always sweet. Willy claimed had experienced ups and downs sell spicy snacks. Currently spicy chips are booming, he was able to reap a turnover of Rp. 60-70 million per month.

Because it has many competitors, now Toserda can only get half turnover. “If the present turnover of Rp. 30 million per month, “said undergraduate mathematics is.

Now, it has five employees, including himself, that two employees offline, one-line employees, and one programmer.


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